Nanuq – It’s Love Again


Nanuq - It's Love Again

The work day is coming to a close and I’m in the mood for some feel good sample-based music. I’ve been really digging the latest track from US producer Nanuq called It’s Love Again. Lots of filters, compression, loops, and a really bouncy groove throughout. It’s the good stuff that makes your feet twitch and your funky bones itch.

He’s also got a lot of other great tunes on his profile, so be sure to peruse and don’t forget to follow.


Icona Pop – I Love It (Solidisco Remix) + Turn Around


Icona Pop - I Love It (Solidisco Remix)

Whoa, Solidisco are definitely having a good 2012. We’ve been following them since Biacco and DJ Dstar first formed the duo over a year ago and they’ve undeniably and very successfully established their collaborative project on the global disco/funk/french scene. Enjoying tens of thousands of plays on each of their tracks, these guys are blowing up clubs and pushing vibes that even celebrities can’t help getting down to.

And good thing for us, their madness don’t stop and today we’re getting down to their latest. Icona Pop are a Swedish outfit that had a lot of people buzzing last year with their debut single Manners that was release in 2010 on Kitsuné. Their latest single I Love It has now exploded on the scene as a massive club mover, and Solidisco lined it up in their sights, set phaserz to kill, and pulled the trigger. DJs, you can grab this discothèque weapon for free.

And when that’s over, get your fill of soulful funk as the American duo sample from one of the masters, George Benson. Turn Around is designed to make you feel good, and dance ’till you sweat. Oh, and it’s free too, nothing but love.


Goldroom ft. Chela – Fifteen (Final DJs “When We Were Young” Remix)


Goldroom feat. Chela - Fifteen (Final DJs When We Were Young Remix)

Fifteen was a summer dream when Goldroom released it at the cusp of the warm season. Like ripples in the sand Josh Legg’s original production washed over your mind and settled you into a day dream state, an standard and much enjoyed effect of his flavour of Californian nu disco.

But Josh is not the only mood-setter in the genre, and today we set our focus across the globe to Germany. Final DJs have more than established their style of nu disco, with their 80s influence, amazing synth work, and ability to construct a unique atmosphere. We were excited to see that they lent their prowess to Fifteen, in this nearly eight minute long and beautifully crafted rendition. And you can’t ask for better timing, on the edge of the cool season Basti and Thomas come bearing their musical journey that will certainly emote warm feelings and fond memories.


Interview – Francophilippe + Release of Octavius V


Interview - Francophilippe + Release of Octavius V

From Britain and based in France, Francophilippe has been dealing damage with his signature bass-driven melee of electronic funk, rock, and house, shaking clubs and lifting feet across the world. With a profile that has been very active in the last year or so this UK funk ambassador has made it his duty that every booty in the club is up and getting down, performing his civil chores to the fullest. With a terribly addicting style and an upcoming release, we were given the fortunate opportunity to have a chat with Alex Hindle, the Englishman behind the very french-sounding Francophilippe, to talk about his music and the age-old contemplation of… where to find the best fish and chips.

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Muneshine – There is only today (Go Go Bizkitt! Disco Edit)


Muneshine - There is only today (Go Go Bizkitt! Disco Edit)

Phew, damn! For explosive dance floor energy, you can always depend on UK producer Go Go Bizkitt!. I can’t think of very many disco house producers that we encounter that can really channel that hip hop aggression and attitude into a peak hour weapon like Go Go does. We’ve seen him before teaming up with Shawn Elliot and this time he’s collabing with Canadian emcee/producer Muneshine. When listening to the original, you can’t really imagine club-tempo disco on the track, but this result is fantastic and you just gotta have it.

Thank God It’s… Funky, and you can have it any day of the week. Get on this.

And be sure to keep a close eye on Meester Beezkitt, word on the street is he has a lot more hotness on the way!


Sean Paul vs Moloko – We Be Singin’ It Back (Mashed by GonZo)


Sean Paul vs Moloko - We Be Singin' It Back (Mashed by GonZo)

I think it might be possible that the only mashups I’ve ever posted have been from GonZo. Not usually into them in general, but whenever I listen to one from this Danish producer, I always find myself dancing to the groove. And hey, the groove is all I need.

This is an older mashup of his but he recently made it public again. Sean Paul meets Moloko, let’s go!


BoogiePop Phantomz – Is It Real


BoogiePop Phantomz - Is It Real

And just when we thought we couldn’t get any more into BoogiePop Phantomz’ style, here they go and impress us again with their newest track. The first time we’ve seen them in this tempo range, the American duo sampled from Empire Of The Sun’s Walking On A Dream and manipulated it into a completely new vibe. Dreamy and warm instrumentals with lots of reverb and delay throughout, this is simply a lovely downtempo nu disco jam and a champion example of the genre. Show them some love, they’re giving it to you for free!


REMIX86 – Night Like You Better (The Twelves vs Amanda Blank)


Night-Like-You-Better-The Twelves Amanda Blank Remix86

Before we started, Remix86 was a DJ duo with Lance Wicks and our friend Poolside Gangster. A few years ago, the guys made a mashup of The Twelves and Amanda Blank, and up until recently, we never really thought about it. (Sheena Beaston posted it back it 2009 and 2010).

So recently we found out that someone had uploaded the track to YouTube (under the wrong name) and it currently has over 35,000 views. That prompted us to give it a home here and on our own SoundCloud and YouTube channels.

Night Like you Better (The Twelves vs Amanda Blank)’ is a mash-up we made of The Twelves cover of Daft Punk’s “Nightvision” and Amanda Blank’s “Might Like You Better”. Free download below, and if you like it, please support us on YouTube so we can reclaim our track!

Keep an eye out for some new tracks by Remix86 in the near future!

Hot Biscuit

Interview – Rukk Stone + Debut Release of Child Of The Night ft. Katt Smiddy


Rukk Stone - Child Of The Night ft. Katt Smiddy.jpg

Champagne Records knows when it has something good. Today the Italian label will be premiering a new name and it’s one that you’re going to remember. Sweden-based Rukk Stone (Farshid Rodsari) has a long-standing interest in a wide variety of genres, and the combination of everything he’s learned and his life experiences have melded into a signature sound with a unique and addicting musical atmosphere.

Rukk Stone Pic1“Child of the Night is about losing yourself in an alternate reality. Tune in on this melodic and gruesomely gritty piece of art. Reject the sun and baptise yourself in neon lights.”

Rukk Stone Pic2We instantly became entranced with the idea behind the track; a glimpse into the kind of life full of manic highs and underlying anxiety. “Child of the night, fell in love with the Devil’s bite”, the pursuit of the unquenchable state of euphoria, disregarding risk and probability. This expression, infused into the structure of a great electronic dance track, piqued our interest and drew our focus to this unfamiliar name. We wanted to know more.

Recorded on November 1st, here’s the Remix86 exclusive interview with Rukk Stone.

Available for free, this extended play comes with remix support from Paul For You, Wald3n, Kn1ght, and Francophilippe. Massive release, show your love and give all hands a follow.


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FKJ – Lying Together


FKJ - Lying Together

Grab someone. Someone you know who either has a disgruntled view towards sample-based electronic music, or is unfamiliar with it. You have something to show them.

You will show them that there is something special about it. Our past obsessions, met with our modern emotion and experience. Today we can manipulate yesterday’s audio input and reflect it off of ourselves, and the output is something different. The interpretation of two entities interacting with each other, which in turn becomes a new lesson for anyone who chooses to listen to it.

The example we’re using today is from French producer FKJ and his track Lying Together. Beautiful sample, beautiful production. Enjoy.


French Horn Rebellion & Database – Poster Girl EP + Justin Faust Remix


French Horn Rebellion vs. Database - Poster Girl EP

Together again, you can take a collaboration such as this one as a terribly sweet gift. French Horn Rebellion & Database are back with a anthem for those young lonely hearts. The ones who have the perfect girl right there, in their bedroom, but she can’t be yours if she’s in a magazine world. Boom, heartache. But at least you’ll be dancing.

The full EP features remixes from Brazil, Peter Wade, and Justin Faust. Earlier when I mentioned a gift, I was talking about the gift of their music but it turns out they are actually giving you a present. You can grab the original and Mr. Faust’s remix totally free here and here, just give them your email.


Blue Satellite & Jhameel – Relapse (Cosmonaut Grechko Version)


Blue Satellite & Jhameel - Relapse (Cosmonaut Grechko Version)

It’s so easy to fall in love with Cosmonaut Grechko’s tunes. His productions are always spot on, and they compliment vocals insanely well. More particularly female vocals, but in this case he was working with a male vocalist but still managed to make pitch them up to get that higher range. It works too good. CG, keep doing your thing, love it.

And I don’t believe we got around to posting his earlier remix of Chris Cowie’s Love Trak, be sure to listen below and treat your ears.




Dilemmachine - Fiesta EP

Originally released last year, this 4 track extended play is now remastered and has gotten a new and independent release. It’s the Fiesta EP from American producer DILEMMACHINE, or JasonH. Unbeknownst to us until now, this nu disco/funk/electro creator has us addicted and hooked, line and sinker.

The title track has such a great vibe, that unique kind of feel good that only funk and disco horn samples provide. You’ll keep your two-step fresh as Fam hits the floor, bringing the tempo down but keeping the funk high. But save your dirty dance moves for Endure, as the track gets raw and gritty with some insane synth and piano riffs. And Snake Eyes, for when you win the bet, get the score, and get the girl.

This is but an excerpt of the great music on his profile, so after your done purchasing this on Amazon then hang out with his music for a while and be sure to follow.


Loon Lake – Cherry Lips (Dcup Remix)


Loon Lake - Cherry Lips (Dcup Remix)

Phew, damn! Every time, and I mean every time, Dcup just rocks it. Put on any one of his tracks or remixes and you just gotta dance! And if you’re listening to the track in this post and you’re not dancing than I’m sorry sir or madam, but you’ve stumbled onto the wrong site, cause here at Remix86 we’re all about grinning, dancing, and fantastic beat-driven euphoria.

Australian indie pop band Loon Lake recently made the remixes for Cherry Lips available for free, featuring versions from Club Feet, Jade Lee, Nick Nolan, and of course Dcup. All the remixes are great, I particularly enjoy Jade Lee’s stunning and laid back take on the track. But to be completely honest, Dcup has my full attention at the moment.

Upped tempo, deliciously crunchy bass synth, funk leads and more, his instrumental utilizes the shout-along anthem’s vocals creating an undeniably funky addiction that you just gotta have, and you can, for free.

And who doesn’t like cherry lips and dancing at night time?


Pheromones – Gold Night (BoogiePop Phantomz Remix)


Pheromones - Gold Night (BoogiePop Phantomz Remix)

BP! We’ve missed you guys! American duo BoogiePop Phantomz have always treated our ears well with productions that have huge club presence and dance inducing atmosphere. Almost a year since their last production, they’ve now taken aim at a track called Gold Night by the Pheromones. Originally a really smooth and gentle piece of summer indie pop, now it’s getting transported to the club with a great and euphoric nu disco/french/progressive style on the track. Really enjoyable experience, have a listen to the original and the remix below and be sure to hit download and support these guys on their future endeavors.


Final DJs – BMX Madness


Final DJs - BMX Madness

Final DJs always have a way with their productions that emote this kind of deep and positive feeling no matter what styles they look to manipulate. Their most recent work is more suited for the club than some of their other recent tracks, and it’s certain that the club is going to love the German duo for this one. BMX Madness pushes out great feel good french house vibes and the first thing you’re going to look to do is lift your feet and start stomping to the beat. Oh, and it’s free, so grab your drink and let’s get down.


Phoenix – Lisztomania (Bomb Coltrane Remix)


Phoenix - Lisztomania (Bomb Coltrane Remix)

As most of you know, there’s been an incredible amount of remixes using the work of French band Phoenix, some amazing and others not so. We received this submission recently and it instantly stood out to me with a unique style blend of indie, break beats, and pop, and I quickly found myself looking for the repeat button. From the UK, Bomb Coltrane makes use of eclectic sampling with some really fun and abrupt chops and cuts, giving this track unique appeal that just makes you want to get up and start bboying. Well, that might just be in my case, but if you’re not into that sorta thing you’re still not going to have a hard time dancing to this.


Wiz Khalifa – This Plane (Ecxellior Remix)


Wiz Khalifa - This Plane (Ecxellior Remix)

Ecxellior is a french duo most typically known for their terribly infectious, fun and upbeat productions, all suited for life in the late night discothèque. This time they’ve moved their style and tempo to create this funked-up and trapped-out remix of Wiz Khalifa’s This Plane to get you through the final leg of the last work day of the week. Nod your head, tip your shoulders, hit download.


Tiam Wills – Enhancing Ep


Tiam Wills - Enhancing Ep

The heat is up tonight! French producer Tiam Wills delivers a stunning collection of sounds with his latest EP, it’s called Enhancing and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing to your life when you download these tunes. Hitting the styles of nu disco, funk, electro, french house, rock, and even an 80’s flavoured slow jam, this extended play is as exciting as it is addicting and there’s no question that you’ll be abusing that poor play button. Beautifully produced tracks to get your mood in the groove and your feet lifted, and each jam is available for the low low price of… zero dollars. Support Tiam and this release via La Fille De L’Air Records.

Oh, and please enjoy the teaser video for the release, it’s quite fun.


Lest Diet – Pudding It On


Lest Diet - Pudding It On

A pick from my regular rotation, I’d like you to meet Lest Diet and their track Pudding It On. This is a downtempo delight with a warm vibe and fine sampling, quite simply it’s a cool jam. From the beginning right to its space cadet outro, I’m hooked.

This is from their Live or Diet EP, a really playful and unique collection of tunes and released on one of our favourite labels, Champagne Records. Download the whole thing for free here on Mediafire.


Lissi Dancefloor Disaster – Kill The Winner (Tobtok Remix)


Lissi Dancefloor Disaster - Kill The Winner (Tobtok Remix)

Well ain’t this post just full of Sweden. Kill The Winner is calm then edgy, a really enjoyable track from Lissi Dancefloor Disaster. Marking his first official remix of a Swedish group for a Swedish label, one of our favourite Swedes who you’ll know as Tobtok unveiled his remix recently and it’s definitely worth your full attention.

A home run performance, his remix hits high and bright. The kind of theme that will move you on the dance floor and turn a great night into an unforgettable one. In visible contrast to the original, Tobtok has sent the track into a whole new trajectory, creating new feeling and atmosphere. Dance floor euphoria, guaranteed. Make your purchase.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to mention that Tobtok will be putting his music production on hold for a while due to medical reasons, and I just want to say that from the top of our hearts to the soles of our boogie shoes, all of us here Remix86 would like to wish him good luck and good health, may you recover swiftly dear Tobias!

-Lance Wicks, Hot Biscuit & Team Remix86

The Latest From ’96 Bulls


strictly rhythms_vol 9 final3

Ah yes, it’s always good to hear new stuff from this Australian duo. Out on Wax Motif’s & Neoteric’s Strictly Rythms Vol. 9, it’s their remix of Barbara Tucker’s Stop Playing With My Mind, and it’s ready to set the club on fire. DJs, buy this now and spin it in your sets. Music lovers, get your love on.

And revisiting a song they previously produced for 360, ’96 Bulls bring the track into the nu disco club with massive feeling and finesse. Oh, and they’re giving it away for free, enjoy.


Sleepless Remixes – Erkka, Cosmo&Paat, Schlomo


Sleepless Remixes

We talked about Flume’s Sleepless EP recently and since then there’s been a remix competition for the title track. Well, whether they made official status or not, here’s my favourite remixes.

1. Erkka. Always interesting, and constantly impressing us. This Finnish producer really knows how to set a mood, creating a listening experience with depth and emotion. Bringing that feeling to the dance floor, here’s Erkka’s remix.

2. COSMO&PAAT. Chill and drawn out, this remix will sooth your brain and make you soar. Spot on work from this Australian twin duo.

3. Shlohmo. This LA producer brings the vibe deep and dark with a trap rework of Sleepless. J’approuve.


GRVRBBRS – Close To You


Nu disco club sounds

Alright, it’s time to go to the club. But this is not the popular club, it’s the nu disco club. This is where you meet the girl of your dreams, this is where that boy gives you the adventure of your life. Where retro education meets future ideas, where your senses come alive and emotions thrive. For all the things that the genre does, you now have a one stop shop for its biggest names and biggest sounds.

From Futureflashes and his label Kiez Beats, comes a 17 track compilation called Nu Disco Club Sounds Vol. 1, an absolutely massive collection of tunes and artists that offer some of the most exciting dance floor vibes in electronic music. If you frequent Remix86 then you should already be familiar with almost everybody on this release. Lifelike, Oliver, Russ Chimes, Lenno, Louis La Roche, Go Go Bizkitt!, DJ EQ, Televisor, Justin Faust, and more, this compilation is basically your go-to catalogue of today’s nu disco champions.

But I have to highlight one outfit who I’ve discovered through this compilation, GRVRBBRS, or Grave Robbers. A production duo from Brooklyn, their sound is at the forefront of the genre and their contribution to this collection absolutely blew me away. Close To You is terribly euphoric, a sun soaked jam with warm feeling and eclectic energy bursting outwards with every beat. If today you were feeling down, this is what you need to turn it around. Press play below, then head over to Beatport to purchase this incredible selection.

You can listen to the entire collection below – this is starting to get me excited for FOGO Vol. II….