Stay in your homes you turkeys!

We know the effects of cabin fever are going to be inevitable. We all need some strategies to cope, and we highly recommend two in particular: music and dance. These are unprecedented times for the majority of us, and taking care of ourselves and looking out for one another are incredibly important for getting through this. Music can immediately bring you into a better mood while you’re stuck at home, so lean into it by turning it up and getting your feet and breath going to the rhythm. Not trained? Who cares, just move! Trained? Show us what you got and tag yourselves with #grindancesweat.

I chose these tracks to create a lively feel good blend of sounds that should make it all but impossible to find a groove somewhere in your body. Ranging from nu disco, french house, indie, deep house, hip hop, and funk, this list is crafted from recent finds and is designed to bring you up and down through a range of tempos so you can flex all your styles and work out all those stresses and anxieties that have been hanging off you from the constant stream of pandemic news.

We’re sending all our love to those of you out there struggling. Let’s all make sure to care for our families, friends and each other. And when you can, give a boost to your well-being by getting some movement in.

1. Jengi - Ice Tea

I’m gonna kick this off with dutch artist Jengi, his second single Ice Tea is on his RARE EP out now on Studio KOTO.


This right here is an indie jam, so act like it is your last chance to dance and EKKAH will help you move your feet. The Last Chance To Dance EP is out on Year One Recordings & Honeymoon.

3. Cherokee - Night Bells

I need me some french house on this playlist, so let’s go for some from the legend Cherokee and be sure to check out all the others on the Roche Musique roster.

4. Laxo feat. Pearce - Touch

Bringing the tempo up, this a big bass heavy joint from LA producer Laxo. I’m getting a Kaytranada on cocaine kinda vibe on this one, it’s dope.

5. Flamingosis x The Kount - Stuntin'

Ugh, Flamingosis and The Kount? That amount of funk is mind blowing. Fresssh off their brand new LP, this is Stuntin’, a prayer to the booty. To quote the kind reverend featured at the end of the track “An Ode to the Booty, All praises due to The Booty, Church of The Devine Booty, Bootylicious, Bootyful, best Bootyyy…”

6. Flamingosis x The Kount - Rhythm Ritual

fuck it let’s do another one.

The album is called Maniacs!, an amalgamation of both their styles & influences over the span of 4 years. Grab it and experience the whole funky journey of The Kount & Flamingosis traveling through space like a pair of proper lunatics.

7. CASSARA - Hands Up

CASSARA is one of the most interesting producers out there, bringing a healthy dose of jazz into the house and french genres. Turn it up and do what it says, I wanna see your hands up.

8. auxtin marc - lemon

Austin marc makes some of the meanest, dirtiest beats. Check out this flip of N.E.R.D. and Kanye then explore more on his profile.

9. Magic Flowers - Magic Drum Machine

Damn! This Poison flip is just perfect. Quick, we need a dancer to hit us up for a video to this one, get at me.

You’ll find flip city over at Magic Flower’s soundcloud, if you ain’t scared of bass you’ll be in a good place.

10. Donny Hathaway - Love Love Love (Jengi Edit)

Yup, Jengi hitting again, heavy heavy heavy when that bass hits. Gorgeous work on this Donny Hathaway rework, turn it up!

11. Wª†uZi - UND三RWATER

This is such a chill one. A laid back indie/funk biscuit that you could lay back or rock to. Glean a bit of wisdom from watuzi’s lyrics and let your feet do the rest.

“Everybody loves the sunshine, but I can get down in the rain”

12. Garrett David - Clap Ya Hands Feat. Javonntte

Dance floor anthem, that dance floor groove. Something just so addicting about that bass line… turn it up, clap your hands, reach a little higher. Garrett David gonna help you out. Get it!

13. Jengi - Rollerskates

Yes yes Jengi again blah blah, can’t hear you too busy vibin

14. Euføeni & jarradcleofé - Avocado Pop

A joint as delicious as the name suggests. Euføeni & jarradcleofé are taking care of you here with Avocado Pop. It’s a fun, trippy ride.

15. Sam Gellaitry - Need U In My Life (DJ Freakiii Edit)

“Had to fix this, too dope.” -freakii

Stay safe and in your homes.

Be kind. <3