Known as one of the most colourful cities in the world, St. John’s is also one of the oldest in North America. An urban city on the edge of nature, St. John’s downtown neighbourhoods are as vibrant as they are historical. The aptly named Jelly Bean row comprises of steep hills lined with colourful homes, giving off a very San Fransisco-esque vibe.

The A1C is also known as the most creative community in Canada, as the neighbourhood is filled with artists and entrepreneurs. It only seemed fitting that as former residents we let our own creativity flow to COHN’s T’il It’s Gone. The track, which samples Joni Mitchell’s original Big Yellow Taxi, was perfect for an urban landscape known for clinging to cliffs as much as it’s historical architecture.

Jelly bean row has its own historic colour palette for its homes, and legend has it that fishermen would paint their homes bright colours so they could see them through the fog. Whatever the reason, it’s an uplifting bit of colour on foggy and overcast days.

There’s nothing quite like watching the fog roll in with the ships amongst your neighbours, also known as some of the friendliest people in the world. Which might be why at the end of our video we received roaring applause from the windows behind us.