This Work It remix by Patrick Alavi is one of our all-time favourites. Sure to put a grin on your face, this track has all the elements of a perfect disco funk remix. The rolling beat, the cheering vocals, funk guitar riffs, topped off with Missy’s vocals. Damn.

Dancer Rock One never fails to get into the vibe of a track and pull off flawless moves. This was a last minute shoot and Rock One (aka Justin Power) had never heard the track before. As the sun was setting we setup the camera and he started dancing. The video was shot in a single take and what a laugh we had.

The video was shot at the Visitor Centre at Signal Hill National Historic Site in St. John’s. Signal Hill was the site of St. John’s harbour defences from the 17th century to the Second World War, and is now popular with locals and visitors alike as a lovers lookout and hiking trail offering stunning views of the city and vast Atlantic ocean.