We are remix86 and we love music, dancing and djing. We love each as much as the other, separately or simultaneously, and believe that many of you share this feeling.

Music, art and humans, that’s what this is all about. Why you’re reading this, why we write this. This is the philosophy behind grin. dance. sweat. and it is for everyone.

You see and hear something for the first time. You know nothing about it, but you like it. It makes you feel good. You grin. 

You find that other people share your feeling, you communicate and you participate. You dance. 

This feeling doesn’t fade, it does the opposite. More artists are born, existing artists evolve. The music makes you move and you feel moved. You sweat. 

So, here we will present and discuss fresh, delicious treats in an effort to explore and promote art and artists. We love nu disco, deep house, house, indie dance, deep house, disco, funk, filter and french house. And anything else that will get us dancing.

Welcome, and enjoy.


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