Lance Wicks | Nov 8, 2018

Back To The Future

We’ve been gone a while but it’s good to be back! We’ve been watching the scene from behind the scenes, always following old favourites and looking for the notable new artists. As if by design we began our hiatus just as dubstep became popular, and now that there’s barely a mention of the genre it feels ok to return ;). It’s interesting to look back to the 2010 era as a lot of the style that was burgeoning then are once again prominent, signalling that funky feel good vibes are here to stay. Aside from the familiar nu disco, indie dance, hip hop, and funk genres, we’re seeing the rise of a couple new ones. 

New Vibes

In recent years we’ve seen some growth for certain genres, like future house and futurefunk. The big room vibe noted in future house has expanded into hip hop and some pop music, most of what I encounter is low tempo but high in energy.

Futurefunk has grabbed my full attention. It’s an eclectic mash of 80s japanese funk, anime samples, soul, and french house. Sometimes gloriously cheesy, sometimes bangin, sometimes chill and blues-y.

Best of 2018

Given our relaunch is near the end of 2018, let’s start things off with a best list and take it as a reason to get out of your seat. Without further adieu, here’s the tracks that got us moving the most this year

20. Pomo – Intoxicated