theAmplid – Dance No More EP



I had no idea Neonized Magazine had started its own label, but I am definitely pleasantly surprised (and hope that soon we can follow in their footsteps).

Neonized Records just released theAmplid’s Dance No More EP, the second release from NR since its inception in December 2010. theAmplid‘s, Roger Cervantes (Radiocontrol) and Xavier Arcas (Imposible), are an electronic group from Barcelona and their EP consists of remixes by Here We Are, Bitcode, Gabriell, Dubmoix and OHYEAH (my personal fav). Two really smart things that NR did with this EP? One, they’re using Bandcamp’s “Name Your Price” pricing model, and two, they included a Dubstep remix that is actually decent.

theAmplid – Dance No More EP by Neonized

Now you can put the Royal Wedding on mute and dance your way through this Friday instead.

Hot Biscuit
theAmplid – Dance No More (OHYEAH Remix)