Ten Track Recap (October 2011) – Knight One


Ten Track Recap (09/11) - Knight One

As Hot Biscuit mentioned in her post on the last Ten Track, the October edition is brought to you by a Dutch producer, and he goes by the name of Knight One.

He has been featured on this fine online publication numerous times, continuously impressing us with his unique style, method and soul. Deep soundscapes melded with rare samples and soulful groove, each track on his profile has a lasting impact.

The Ten Track Recap was originally created to be something a little different among the sea of mixtapes, each month building a breezy blend of the music that we love.

“It was interesting to make a mixtape in this format. The fact that I couldn’t add any own tracks, but had to stick to a predetermined list of records and make my pick out of them really made me get out of my comfort zone. Whilst I literally liked 90% of the blog posts in September, I just took the records that immediately spoke to me.”

And the result is fantastic. Smooth transitions, fluid tempo changes and oozing in style, Knight One provides the feel good theme of the month. Embrace this below.

Ten Track Recap (10/11) – Knight One by REMIX86

Louis La Roche – The Wall
Louis La Roche – The Wall (Shook Remix)
Labtracks – Robotic Love (Lenno Remix)
Poka – 99 Style
Wolfgang Gartner – Cognitive Dissonance (’96 Bulls Edit)
Louis La Roche – Gimme Gimme
Darius – Falling In Love
Jean Tonique – TS 411
The Airplane Boys – Gold Ribbons (Ninetynine’s Roule Mix)
Alexandre Louvre – Wonder Kids

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An amazing mix that’ll give you the same feeling that his recent and early productions provided. Being the first blog to post his work, we’ve been following him from early on and he has quickly become a prominent fixture in the scene. How does he find all those delicious samples in his fine productions? Hard searching.

“Most of the stuff I sample, I bought somewhere abroad, in run down vinyl stores. After talking to the owner for a couple of hours.

I recently visited Bangkok and spent some time searching for vinyl and found a lot of amazing Japanese and Thai pop artists from the ’80’s that just never seemed to make the cut .Their records were only limited to a 100 pressings or whatever. In trying to clear these samples, I couldn’t even find any trace of existence from these record labels. I find this very cool, it makes me wonder what happened to these people and even though I can’t read their names because it is in Japanese or Thai, I’d love to speak to them someday if they are still alive, and let them hear what I did with their tracks.”

But that’s just a small part of what you hear.

“And sometimes I take less obscure/rare tracks, and add my own instrumentation. It all depends on what the sample is telling me. I’ll take from whatever sound source is speaking to me at that moment, only about 2% of what I make fits into the Knight One roll I guess, haha.”

Expect a debut EP which will be announced soon and some remixes of some great artists and bands. He is also developing a live show with the intention of performing it all around the world, definitely something you will want to see so to be sure to follow him to stay up to date.

“All this whilst fantasizing about the Renaissance and stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.”

Knight One, the poor thank you.