Tagteam Terror – Keep Me Dancin’


Tagteam Terror - Keep Me Dancin'

Some people say that some disco house is too repetitive. Just loops and beat, and for a significant portion of the tunes in this genre, that pretty much describes a full track. But there’s just something about it. When you find that sample, that timeless piece of disco or funk or soul that makes you say “damn!!”, when it’s mixed it with modern house percussion and elements it creates a new kind of feeling. The kind that gets in your chest, in your feet, the kind that makes you feel good. I’ll let German duo Tagteam Terror show you what I mean.

Take some time to peruse their profile, these guys are all about sweaty, disco, dance floor fun and I’ll support that any day. As for their most recent work, they set their sights on Jonas Rathsman’s breakout burner Tobago and stamped it with their disco house style for a great alternative to the deep house original.