Stereocool – Dogs On The Rocks EP


Stereocool - Dogs On The Rocks EP

And he did it again. Andrea Cipria has a near flawless record for getting our asses in full boogie mode with almost every release he’s presented us within the last year, and today he’s dropping more funk-fueled madness to keep your booty busy. This Italian producer goes by the name of Stereocool, and that’s because he’s twice as cool as mono.

Dogs On The Rocks is an A/B side extended play with no remixes and certainly no filler. The title track is a smooth criminal with gritty basslines and a beat that’s all attitude. Turntabilism by Xela.

The B side track is Now Or Never featuring the lyrical style of Shawn Elliot, an emcee we were first introduced to when he worked with Go Go Bizkitt!. A stellar collaboration to Stereocool’s talent, this track mashes hip hop and modern disco/funk for a sound that’s going to make it impossible for you to sit still. Boss.

I also had a chat with Andrea about this latest release and the one thing that stood out was his genuine passion for the music he loves and produces. I just want to mention how that’s one of the best and most common things I’ve learned about the underground and independent music world since we started this blog. So many artists that we follow wear their passion on their sleeve, doing their thing because they love it and it feels good. So why not grab a piece of the feeling, download this EP for free right now via the very prestigious Italian label Champagne Records. And if you were feeling down today, just take one good look below at the face of Stereocool and press play.


There it is, I knew you’d be grinning.