Somepling – BlueKasheef


Somepling - BlueKasheef

I first checked out French producer Somepling when we heard he was going to be on the Sunrise Blend compilation (that’s the link for the free download, do it, it’s amazing) from the new French label Juicy.

I was blown away by his productions. The genre that he chooses as the realm for his work is one that I have little experience with, but I was instantly feeling the music, it sort of consumes you. Really beautiful soundscapes, each track has so much depth and feeling. It’s mostly hip hop oriented instrumentals, but his style definitely feels like a class of its own.

For his latest production, BlueKasheef, the same enjoyable vibe is carried through, this time a nice 80s touch and a lighter mood. Excellent groove, free dee el.

Somepling – BlueKasheef by Somepling

Somepling – BlueKasheef