Slow Down – Basement Love, Duke Slammer



And take a minute. Saturday night is gone and you may or may not have woke up to young memories this morning. A headache maybe, so you plug in your headphones in search of mental message. Something slow, something sexy, something to make you grin as much as the memory of that one night stand that happened last night. If that’s your bag this morning, these two tracks are for you.

This is the first thing I’ve heard from Basement Love, but I know that we’re gonna get along swimmingly. His profile contains some absolutely stunning originals and remixes, and his latest upload is a great introduction to his works. Without Love is stellar, a journey with a slow pulse and infinite sex appeal that will keep your late night heat at a thoughts distance. Free download.

And off to a more playful vibe, for the wake and bake ritual and to help forget that nasty headache. Duke Slammer’s Go$$ip is infectious and funky, with plucky keys dancing over soulful samples and really interesting use of whispering gossip to provide a background effect that can be described as exaggerated vinyl noise. Purchase here and nod your head.