Sleepless Remixes – Erkka, Cosmo&Paat, Schlomo


Sleepless Remixes

We talked about Flume’s Sleepless EP recently and since then there’s been a remix competition for the title track. Well, whether they made official status or not, here’s my favourite remixes.

1. Erkka. Always interesting, and constantly impressing us. This Finnish producer really knows how to set a mood, creating a listening experience with depth and emotion. Bringing that feeling to the dance floor, here’s Erkka’s remix.

2. COSMO&PAAT. Chill and drawn out, this remix will sooth your brain and make you soar. Spot on work from this Australian twin duo.

3. Shlohmo. This LA producer brings the vibe deep and dark with a trap rework of Sleepless. J’approuve.