Scuffed Records: A Canadian House Label


When I (Nick Bike) first introduced myself as a member of Remix86 a few months ago, I mentioned something about a house/disco label that was in the process of being conjured up. Now that some time has passed, releases have as well!

First off, Scuffed Records is managed by myself (Vancouver, BC), Donovan Morgan/Sp00nfed (Charlottetown, PEI), and Jeff Math (Charlottetown, PEI). Donovan and Jeff have been making music together for countless years now. After many twists and turns based off one or two finished tracks, we came up with the idea for Scuffed.

Skip the details, get to the music. The first release featured us all on The Funk Stick EP. Not much time for laying down with this one. We went for broke on energy/jumping/dancing.

Beatport /// iTunes /// Juno

To promote the EP, I did a bootleg of Heatwave’s classic Boogie Nights. A free download from the Scuffed facebook page.

This past Monday, Flubba dropped Scuffed002 for us. Downtown Funk tips more on the french filter side. Vega severely reminds me of the Crydamoure label.

Beatport /// iTunes /// Juno

Hope you dig it! Lots more to follow. All related inquires can be forwarded to

Nick Bike