Road Trip – Goldroom, Kamp!, Oxford, Kelek, Emeron & Fox


It's So Fine - Goldroom, Kamp!, Chris Jylkke, Kelek, Emeron & Fox

Drives. Those long ones with your favourite person next to you, windows down, volume up. Nu disco and it’s kin genres have a way of transforming these situations. Your vision becomes tunneled, objects pass by with ethereal smoothness, the vehicle feels like it can float over the asphalt path. Nothing is said, but everything is shared, it doesn’t matter where you’re headed because on drives like these, the journey is the destination. Time for some music fit for just that.

I gotta say it’s been nothing but a delight following Josh Legg’s career as Goldroom. Each production has that element that draws you right in and makes you feel like you already knew the song before you heard it, quite simply its music that’s easy to listen to. His latest original, Fifteen, features Australian singer Chela on the vocals and hit the number one spot on Hype on the day of its release.

Last year Polish band Kamp! released the widely praised single Cairo, with it and the Moullinex remix making a lot of peoples ‘best of’ lists. Lending their style to Twilite’s I Am The Sun, the group gives us this fantastic sun drenched production. Dropping this Monday on Isound/Ampersand Records.

I first heard of French producer Oxford when he was announced winner of the Aquarium remix competition for Housse De Racket. An amazing synth led sound, his profile is topped with feel good vibes ready to theme the summer season. Today we’re enjoying his latest work, a free download by the name of Flashlight.

Wow. This latest track from German producer Kelek is stunning. An overall great nu disco tune and you’ll notice a very unexpected element around 1:45. Steel drums show up party to add that extra bit of tropical sunshine to the track, as refreshing as dropping that first cut slice of lime into your rum and water. Be sure to follow him and you can download Alaska here.

Emeron & Fox will carry you through the last mile of your trip, softly drawing to a stop on organ sounds, bassy synth lead and dreamy vocals. The Brooklyn based outfit will also be releasing a new extended play on Monday called Dopecity, preview it here and be sure to give them a follow.

Hope you had sun today.

-Lance Wicks