Oliver – I Need You


Oliver - I Need You

We’re just back from an awesome vacation and are now playing mad catch up on postings. It’s crazy how many things get released in 5 days.

This track is only 4 days old and I’m already feeling behind. I Need You is another straight up Oliver banger, with classic disco and synth sounds and a house vocal feel. Their initial goal was to reach 20,000 plays, and within 4 days they reached 21,235 (and counting). It’s now up for free download, so get on it.

Oliver – I Need You by weareoliver

Oliver has really been blowing up the scene lately, with an official remix for Britney Spears’ I Wanna Go and a ton of other amazing remixes and originals. I Need You is off their 79.1FM preview of unreleased tracks and ideas, so I hope they’re planning on finishing them all! Also, mad props on the retro futurism artwork.

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Oliver – I Need You