Off Da Clock – Trigger Happy + Turn’n Me On


Off Da Clock - Trigger Happy + Turn'n Me On

Looking for some funk, some soul, more bounce by the ounce? Off Da Clock has you covered. Disco house that will put on grin on your face and heat in your new shoes, this is the solo project of Texas based Chris Cortinas. His work was premiered on Go Go Bizkitt’s Just For You Vol. 2 mixtape with a smooth and highly addicting track called Boogie News, and recently he released two more tracks, available for free.

Trigger Happy, damn what a groove. An undeniably funky bass line with a very addicting sample that just seems to bounce along the beat, and you’ll be doing the same.

Turn’n Me On is a really cool jam with 8-bit-like sounds and high pitched vocal sample over a growling bass line. Club mover? You know this.

While Chris isn’t getting down as Off Da Clock he is also one half of Late Night Hustle and one third of Funkstruk. Be sure to follow all of these outfits, I’ll leave you with the Boogie News.