Mixtapes On Monday – Moonlight Matters + Night-Club Fantôme + More…


Moonlight Matters - Studio Brussel's Switch/Playground mix

So, this past week has brought some insanely enjoyable mixtapes. Let’s get started.

Moonlight Matters really nailed it with this one. Really interesting song choice and great transitions make way for some enthusiastically deep and involved soundscapes. Well, just listen to the first blend, probably the most seamless and breezy I’ve ever heard. The Playground mix is my first highlight.

night club fantome - cool & pretty bitches

Pure disco bang0r madness, this is high club energy at its’ finest. My second highlight is Cool & Pretty Bitches from Night-Club Fantôme.

But then the fantastic vibes kept coming. The discovision V from phen has such a great atmosphere with a blend of deep nu disco, house and soul.

One hour, forty-three tracks, and a whole lotta dancin’. Makdett kills it with the Rembo Minimix.

The Knocks, Lenno and Viceroy meet in a bar. The 2011 Jams Mixtape.

Ali Jamieson is back with some fantastic picks on the Best of 2011.

Mixatiger made a collection of some of our more recent posts and a couple other favs. Impeccable taste sir.

And that’s hours worth of music to maintain your grin.dance.sweat., have fun.