Melee – House of the Black Madonna


Melee - House of the Black Madonna

US producer Melee has been increasingly impressing us with each new addition to his repertoire, whether through remixes or originals. A really big sound with lots of intense energy, he is surely to become a dominant fixture in the french/disco house scene.

Our latest post on him featured the dance anthem Spaced Out (Oh Yeah!), a track which is guaranteed to be on my personal top list of the year. Since then, he’s uploaded Tension, a huge sound with an epic and moody atmosphere.

Retaining that similar feeling that Tension left us with, Melee went even further with his new jam, House of the Black Madonna. A certified monster of a track, listening to it will give you goose bumps and make you feel like a dance floor superhero vying for control of the discotheque.

Moody horns, ultra punchy beat and make sure you ride the epic synth breakdown until the drop. This is bangin’.

House of the Black Madonna by Melee

This will be the title track on his new album, to be released soon. Excited is an understatement.

Melee – House of the Black Madonna