Luminaire – Cut/Paster EP


Luminaire - Cut/Paster EP

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Luminaire. I first heard this British producers’ work last night and was sufficiently blown away by his sound.

I’m not sure if it’s a debut extended play, but it’s the only one on his profile. A free and independent release that will treat your ears luxuriously, experience the Cut/Paster EP.

Five tracks total, all originals, Sesssion opens up the record with lots of attitude and funk to get the body warm and moving. Kind of sounds like a low tempo bboyin’ jam to me. Next, here She comes, a more than delectable ocean/disco/pop track with great bass synths and that fantastic sample that we also recently heard as Cream Dream’s Club Coolada. Dream Lowe keeps the low tempo and is full of filters, a warm EQ and tasteful compression. Bringing up the energy, Disfunction showcases exciting chops, higher tempo and a sample that gives the track an 80’s feel. Unwell concludes the record, although it will make you feel anything but. Fat bass synths, 8-bit synth leads and funk percussion.

Every track is a terribly enjoyable listen, so hit download and show Luminaire your love.

Luminaire – Session
Luminaire – She
Luminaire – Dream Lowe