Loon Lake – Cherry Lips (Dcup Remix)


Loon Lake - Cherry Lips (Dcup Remix)

Phew, damn! Every time, and I mean every time, Dcup just rocks it. Put on any one of his tracks or remixes and you just gotta dance! And if you’re listening to the track in this post and you’re not dancing than I’m sorry sir or madam, but you’ve stumbled onto the wrong site, cause here at Remix86 we’re all about grinning, dancing, and fantastic beat-driven euphoria.

Australian indie pop band Loon Lake recently made the remixes for Cherry Lips available for free, featuring versions from Club Feet, Jade Lee, Nick Nolan, and of course Dcup. All the remixes are great, I particularly enjoy Jade Lee’s stunning and laid back take on the track. But to be completely honest, Dcup has my full attention at the moment.

Upped tempo, deliciously crunchy bass synth, funk leads and more, his instrumental utilizes the shout-along anthem’s vocals creating an undeniably funky addiction that you just gotta have, and you can, for free.

And who doesn’t like cherry lips and dancing at night time?