Levantine – Marianne (Presented by LOVESEXDANCE Magazine)


Levantine - Marianne (LOVESEXDANCE)
album art by Jana Van De Boldt

Levantine, a producer from Mexico and a frequent sight on this online publication, has a way with making great sounds on a regular basis. His style ranges from french house hits to soulful disco and to a bit of electronic/tech house. Today we hear the soulful disco side.

Marianne is a beautiful sun kissed, daytime disco jam with a touch of playful sensuality. Quality vibes, you can download your copy here.

LOVESEXDANCE magazine recently started getting artists to do some work for them. When I first saw this, I thought it was a fantastic idea. A fashion forum releasing music? The graphic, photographic and couture now have their musical presence. Make sure you follow all these people, we’re looking forward to more great music from their projects.

Levantine – Marianne