Katie Herzig – Free Your Mind (RAC Mix)


Katie Herzig - Free Your Mind (RAC Mix)

RAC founder Andre Allen Anjos seems to have a knack for taking beautiful female vocals and melding them with his signature indie dance elements. While playful and melodic sounds are akin to the majority of his tracks, each remix possesses its own unique character and personality.

His latest remix of Katie Herzig’s Free My Mind (Free Your Mind) pulls you in with a soothing yet eerie string composition that leads to an unexpected but welcomed lift via the beautiful vocals of Herzig. The track progresses with uplifting percussion and an energetic build at 3:20, and eventually ties back to the song’s original juxtaposition through a series of string and synth combinations. It’s a free download, so make sure you show some love.

Katie Herzig – Free Your Mind (RAC Mix) by RAC

Free My Mind is off Katie Herzig’s September 2011 album The Waking Sleep, which you can purchase here. Check out the original video below, where “300 Q-tips, 2000 post-its, 3000 glue dots, and 1 toy soldier and other dollar store household items were used to animate a dress.”

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