Hot Days & Sweaty Nights – Sebastian Scotch, Allen Walker, Pharao Black Magic, Emil & Friends & Throttle


Hot Days & Sweaty Nights

There’s nothing quite like a day filled with sunshine and deck beers that runs into a night of sweaty dance fun. In fact, we’ve been enjoying the muggy weather so much lately that this has become almost a daily ritual.

So to keep with the theme of this summer, I’ve compiled a list of songs to take you from lounging poolside to two stepping on the dance floor. Suggestions for accompanying beverages are welcome in the comments.

First I like to start my day with a little Pharao Black Magic. Listening to their track Hermes feat. Ghostape is like slowly sipping on a glass of champagne and orange juice. It’s sweet, well mannered, and gives you that much needed bubbly fizz to perk you up and start your day off right. Not to mention that the soft indie vocals paired with gentle guitar picks and unassuming synths are the perfect morning cure.

Next up is Allen Walker’s re-write of Kavinsky’s Nightcall. For whatever reason this Drive track never seems to get old, and the added bassline combined with Lovefoxxx’s soft whispers simply lend to a smooth listening experience. My only wish is that the song was longer, but I guess I can always hit repeat.

To go with your morning cesar (or bloody mary if you’re from the US), try out this Emil & Friends cover of Body Language’s You Can. While covers of coveted songs can often enter dangerous territory, this group is not shy to the challenge: you may recognize Emil & Friends from their cover of Neon Indian’s Polish Girl. With a Poolside kind of vibe, the group harnesses the power of acoustics and synths, producing pure “bed-creaking” simplicity in their sound.

Moving to turn up the heat and the bpm, check Throttle’s remix of Flo Rida’s Whistle. I’m constantly looking for good pop remixes to mix downtown, and while you may hate on Flo Rida, there’s no denying that this upbeat remix isn’t perfect for DJs looking to incorporate some nu disco pop into their sets.

And speaking of good pop remixes (and moving to the hard liquor portion of the night), let me introduce you to Sebastian Scotch. You might be familiar with the heavy kick sound in this Rihanna remix, as Sebastian Scotch’s other moniker isn’t new to the scene, but you’re probably not familiar with this style. Dubstep isn’t typically our thing here, but this remix combines a multitude of genres: “I wanted to try and do something that would make lots of different genre specific people come together around a great vocal.” Indeed.

Meet you in the water.

Hot Biscuit