GRVRBBRS – Close To You


Nu disco club sounds

Alright, it’s time to go to the club. But this is not the popular club, it’s the nu disco club. This is where you meet the girl of your dreams, this is where that boy gives you the adventure of your life. Where retro education meets future ideas, where your senses come alive and emotions thrive. For all the things that the genre does, you now have a one stop shop for its biggest names and biggest sounds.

From Futureflashes and his label Kiez Beats, comes a 17 track compilation called Nu Disco Club Sounds Vol. 1, an absolutely massive collection of tunes and artists that offer some of the most exciting dance floor vibes in electronic music. If you frequent Remix86 then you should already be familiar with almost everybody on this release. Lifelike, Oliver, Russ Chimes, Lenno, Louis La Roche, Go Go Bizkitt!, DJ EQ, Televisor, Justin Faust, and more, this compilation is basically your go-to catalogue of today’s nu disco champions.

But I have to highlight one outfit who I’ve discovered through this compilation, GRVRBBRS, or Grave Robbers. A production duo from Brooklyn, their sound is at the forefront of the genre and their contribution to this collection absolutely blew me away. Close To You is terribly euphoric, a sun soaked jam with warm feeling and eclectic energy bursting outwards with every beat. If today you were feeling down, this is what you need to turn it around. Press play below, then head over to Beatport to purchase this incredible selection.

You can listen to the entire collection below – this is starting to get me excited for FOGO Vol. II….