Go Go Bizkitt! – Swatch It! + Chuck Norris + Kid Goodman Remix


go go bizkitt

He works hard. He plays hard. The Great Scotsman of today’s electronic music scene, Go Go Bizkitt!

Ever since I first heard his work, I’ve found that it’s always stood out in the french and disco house world. But lately his tunes are becoming even more unique, making it harder to clearly peg and almost warranting his own sub genre. Now I don’t wanna suggest too much, cause lord knows there’s already about a million sub genres so let’s just skip that part and go right to his latest three uploads. Exciting tunes with big room sound, bangin’ as always and all free, be sure to show your love.

Kid Goodman – Last Night Theme (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix)Go Go Bizkitt! – Chuck NorrisGo Go Bizkitt! – Swatch It!