Friday Night Fever – PROUX, Solidisco, DJ EQ, Cherokee & Kartell, Melee



…And the above just happened. It’s Friday. Home. Glass, ice, spiced rum, water. But a drink can only be so delicious on it’s own. Music, I need it, but what kind? I pause… only one thing comes to mind. I shout, “It’s Friday, I need hot and sexy feet destroyin’ booty shake and love makin’ do it ’till yo back breakin’ palms out jump and shout dance floor killin’ JAMS!!”. Hmm, s’il vous plaĆ®t, pardonnez moi and let me get my composure, new music is exciting and oh how exciting these new tunes are. Hot of the press, and ready to make you grin, dance, and sweat.

PROUX. He’s Mexican and he’s makes cool shit. Heard a lot of Harder Better Faster Stronger remixes? Well I hope you have room for one more because this one is killer. Giant stabs and lots of dirty, electro grind. Dance floor weapon, and a free download.

Ever listen to a track and at the end when the music stops you catch your breath and say, “Wow…”, this is one of those. Solidisco are killin’ it and you need to purchase One More Chance here on Beatport. Last month they were really busy and released a ton of insane club music, spend some time on their profile.

And for the second time in a month, DJ EQ is getting our feet lifted with his style and french house finesse. First, we had Gravity playing loud and now we have another original work to keep the fire going all night. Watch out, it’s Area 51.

Cherokee & Kartell? Yeah, I know, this has to be amazing. And it is. The build in Atwater is phenomenal, the track just gets heavier, more aggressive. Then at the 2.16 mark it simply gets mean. Damn, this is getting many repeat listens. It’s the first single from the collaboration and it’s apparently being released today, although purchase pages have yet to be found. Keep an eye out, you’ll want this.

Last, but definitely not least, we have Melee and his remix of Nelly Furtado’s Parking Lot. I end this post with this joint because it’s one hell of a party rocker, and it will get you dancing so hard that you’ll be throwing your drink all over the dance floor. And you won’t care who you spill your drink on because everyone else is doing the same thing. For more Melee, hit up his official page to grab The Night Owl, his massive 12 track LP. Name a fair price.

You still with me? Good, your Friday is off to a proper start. Oh, and just in case you didn’t know or might be too young to know, the above picture is quitting time in Bedrock… The Flintstones.