Disco/French/Filter – Cassara, J Paul Getto, Le Tropical, Umberto Lumber, Pablo J & The Lobsterettes, The Phantom’s Revenge, Fire Flowerz, Over The Top, The Louder The Better, Oliver, Gottfried Beyer, AFTU, Stereocool


Disco/French/Filter - Cassara, J Paul Getto, Le Tropical, Umberto Lumber, Pablo J & The Lobsterettes, The Phantom’s Revenge, Fire Flowerz, Over The Top, The Louder The Better, Oliver, Gottfried Beyer, AFTU, Stereocool

Lately I feel that there’s been a surge in the indie dance/nu disco/tropical/etc categories, begging for Spring to turn to Summer with breezy vibes, sexy synths and bliss-laden lyrics that crave the company of sun and fun. But while we will enjoy those sounds by beach, by water, by day, we mustn’t forget the night.

The night is when we draw close, when muscles want to move. The night is when we’re driven by audio, where bass is our fuel and the claps provide spark, and we dance until we sweat. Here’s some of the very latest discothèque killers, and you’re gonna need them tonight.

Cassara, we’ve missed you. Attracting our attention last year with a track called The World Is Yours, this German producer has been constantly impressing us with some really deep and exciting creations. Today we look at his latest, Boa Boogie. Listen very closely boys and girls, this is groove, this is class. This is something that I would die to hear in a 2am club, and we wait eagerly for release info.

God damn it, it’s good when J Paul Getto is in the house. Get drinks. Go hard. This Boston based duo is making fire with high disco house energy blended with jackin house soul, in this midnight burner of a remix. Only a preview, be sure to keeps tab on them for the release.

A new sound on this online publication, Swedish Le Tropical has us moving and groovin immediately. TROPICO has all the right funk and disco soul, giving a fine theme for a packed dance floor on a hot summer night. And disco lovers, be sure to stop by his profile, solid.

Excitement in an EP, Italian Umberto Lumber recently released a three track extended play with very addicting style and vibe. Tight sampling and interesting sounds and effects like tempo changing, this record also has support from Stereocool, a fellow Italian who’s been burning it lately. Preview below and purchase here.

This. Right. Here. This is my Saturday night jam. Tonight, I be two-steppin with Pablo J & The Lobsterettes, and you should too.

The Phantom’s Revenge knows. He just knows how to provide that dance floor excitement that just gets feet lifted. Tonight, it’s Death By Chillwave. The is part of the Moveltraxx’s compilation, Da Movelt Posse Episode 5.

Wow. Fire Flowerz stood up and killed it. Also part of Da Movelt Posse Episode 5. Be sure to go buy it.

If disco funk is your bag, then you’ve just found your theme. Over The Top just released Looking For You, a three original track extended play that will have you in a boogie frenzy, grinning from ear to ear in disco bliss. Very addicting sample choices, you can make your purchase here. Also be sure to check out their awesome mixtape they made that included previews of their debut EP.

The Louder The Better has been consistently putting out amazing bliss inducing dance floor movers for a good while now, so if you’re unfamiliar, take this opportunity to peruse his profile, you’ll be grinning all night.

Punks Jump Up, Dave-1 and Oliver. Wet dream.

Oliver’s style seems to be really changing compared to the opening vibes that All Night and Walk With Me provided, and it’s been an exciting and euphoric journey to this point in the LA based duo’s career. Pioneers of this new music image, Oliver are doing something great and it’s worth your while to follow the their movement.

Irish producer Gottfried Beyer fills the club with this intense and moody late night burner. Really enjoying the production on this track, be sure to follow.

AFTU is a “Swedish disco dude”. Setting his sights on the 1978 hit by Voyage, Souvenirs gets a modern compressive overhaul, adding big kick and warm feeling. Delish.

Stereocool is a producer from Italy and you should be following him. One of his earliest tracks, Simple ft. Ace now gets an official release featuring an unbelievable line up of remixers. An electro funk laden gem with support from Fare Soldi, Fressnu, La Zebra, MightyMighty! and Lhaus, and it’s also been touched by pirate ship captain Go Go Bizkitt! Listen below, then purchase.

Now find some speakers and play music at a high volume.