Digitalism – 2 Hearts (Amazona Boys Remix)


Digitalism - 2 Hearts

Does anyone know who Amazona Boys are? After about 8 minutes of googling (equivalent of 3 hours in a library) I couldn’t turn up a single thing except for Harder Blogger’s post. Please comment if you know more, after hearing their remix of Digitalism’s 2 Hearts, I wanna get to know these kids.

The original is an excellent indie/dance track, but these guys turned it into something special, a slowed down nu disco jam, perfect for a late night adventure I ‘magine. Check the original and mix below, and don’t forget to hit download.

2 Hearts (Amazona Boys Remix) by digitalism_official

2 Hearts by digitalism_official

-Lance Wicks
Digitalism – 2 Hearts (Amazona Boys Remix)