All The Lights – Chasing Colours EP


All the Lights - Chasing Colours

I’m always intrigued by a new sound, especially when that new sound involves remixes by Moonchild and Plastic Plates.

All the Lights are a new indie dance group born straight out of Sydney, Australia. The duo was formed “by chance” in early 2011, making this new EP all the more impressive. Their debut single Chasing Colours has that classic Australian pop flare with a hint of progressive pop flavouring, strengthened by moody vocals and a slight 80s touch feel.

Their selection of remixers gives the EP some real depth, with a crunchy electro bit from Ian Carey, a classic disco house banga from Moonchild, and a slowed synth take by the increasingly popular Plastic Plates. Definitely a solid group of collaborators.

All The Lights – Chasing Colours by AllTheLights

Keep an eye out for the Chasing Colours EP on August 12, out via Etc Etc. (On a side note, someone remind me to change my spell check settings to Canadian English so colour stops getting underlined… ;)

Hot Biscuit
All The Lights – Chasing Colours (Moonchild Remix)